Blackberry International Charger

Brand: BlackBerry
Product Code: Blackberry International Charger
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Take your blackberry smartphone more places with an international travel charger. Switch the clip on the back of this charger to adapt to electrical outlets in almost any major country in the world. Keeping your smartphone charged virtually anywhere you go.

With this compact and lightweight travel charger your Black Berry device is always fully charged. In the range of supply, a travel case for simple transport and the simple keeping, a power supply unit and replaceable clips are present, so that you can use plug sockets in North America, Europe and Great Britain.

Output: 5V, 700mA

Input: 100-240V, 150mA

Compatible with these models:

BlackBerry 6210
BlackBerry 6220
BlackBerry 6230
BlackBerry 6280
BlackBerry 7100g
BlackBerry 7100i
BlackBerry 7100r
BlackBerry 7100t
BlackBerry 7100v
BlackBerry 7100x
BlackBerry 7105t
BlackBerry 7130c
BlackBerry 7130e
BlackBerry 7130g
BlackBerry 7130v
BlackBerry 7210
BlackBerry 7230
BlackBerry 7250
BlackBerry 7270
BlackBerry 7280
BlackBerry 7290
BlackBerry 7510
BlackBerry 7520
BlackBerry 8100
BlackBerry 8100 (White)
BlackBerry 8100 (Red)
BlackBerry 8300
BlackBerry 8700c
BlackBerry 8700f
BlackBerry 8700g
BlackBerry 8700r
BlackBerry 8700v
BlackBerry 8703e
BlackBerry 8707v
BlackBerry 8800
BlackBerry 8830
BlackBerry 9000 Bold

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