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Beautifully designed with a polycarbonate shell that keeps its colour even when scratched, the Nokia 150 stays looking great whatever life throws at you. With an impressive 2.4” screen and incredible battery life, you can now enjoy all your favourite features for longer. 

Simple and solid

With its classic design and tough polycarbonate shell, the Nokia 150 is a budget choice that goes the distance. A physical keypad and bright 2.4-inch screen completes the familiar, reliable look and feel. Ideal as a first phone or a backup.

Long-lasting battery

The 150 boasts a battery that can last for up to 31 days on standby, meaning it's ready when you are and is great for travelling, adventures and road trips. Plus, it's compatible with a standard micro USB charger.

No nonsense

The compact 150 is packed with essential features, including a camera with flash, built-in torch, FM radio and MP3 player. You can even get nostalgic with Snake Xenzia and other games.

Lightweight design

The Nokia 150 has a lightweight polycarbonate shell, which offers protection against any accidental scratches or knocks.

Long lasting battery life

With a battery that's able to survive up to a huge 31 days, the Nokia 150 is perfect for keeping you connected no matter what. And if you're using the 150 regularly and making lots of calls, you can still get up to 22 hours of talk time.

Practical features

The built-in 3 MP VGA camera lets you take pictures when you're on the move, while the dedicated flash lets you brighten up a dark setting.

With a built-in MP3 player and FM radio, you can listen to your favourite music and stay entertained for hours. And for some serious nostalgia, you can play classic games like Snake or Nitro racing.

NOKIA 150 - Black, 2.4" screen, Battery capacity: 1020 mAh, 3 MP camera

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