Huawei Mate S Rose Gold

Brand: Huawei
Product Code: Mate S
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Love At First Touch

Inspired by the power of design and technology to touch our lives, the Huawei Mate S opens up a new world of limitless possibilities. Combining exquisite beauty with exceptional interactivity, this is a smartphone made to move all the senses.

A New Way To Connect

With the next generation of interactive touch, the Huawei Mate S takes the relationship between you and your smartphone to a higher level. Now touch becomes much more than a way of operating. It becomes a way of connecting.

Free Your Creativity

The Huawei Mate S comes with a camera that gives you more ways to get the pictures that express your own unique vision. Get in touch with your most creative side.

For Smarter Living

With smart technology just one touch away, whatever you’re doing, the Huawei Mate S helps you to do it in a more intelligent way.

The Perfect Balance

With a gentle curve that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and integrated compact details that enhance performance, the Huawei Mate S creates the perfect balance between beauty and usability.

2.5D Screen

The Huawei Mate S has a contoured glass screen with a seamless border, which gives an elegant edge to the design and makes swiping gestures much easier.

Compact Integration

Only 2.65mm slim, but built in delicate layers to fit a powerful, long-lasting battery, the Huawei Mates S redefines the limits of smartphone design.

5.5” FHD AMOLED Display

With high-definition AMOLED technology, every color jumps out from the screen. Images are brighter and more defined, video is sharper and everything takes on a new visual dimension.

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