Samsung Gear VR Headset SM-R323 Oculus 2016 Galaxy Note 5 S7 S6 edge+ Black

Brand: Samsung
Product Code: SM-R323
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Samsung Gear VR Headset SM-R323 Oculus Galaxy Note 5 S7 S6 edge+ - Black - New
Gear Without Fear:
The Samsung Gear VR (2016) itself acts as the headset display and processor in one single package. The Samsung Galaxy device receives transformation your device into an unparalleled 360-degree virtual experience. The Samsung Gear VR will make you feel like users are in the factually, midst of the game or a movie. Users can experience exciting sports, roam and dive into freely with action games and learn new things in an inspiring environment. The possibilities with Samsung Gear VR (2016) are simply endless while entertainment absolutely marvel.
Comfortable In Design & Wearability:
With Samsung Gear VR user will experience a crisp display with the allowing you to see something that others will never witness. The ergonomic build is furnished with a foam surrounded sitting against your face offers rigidity as well as comfort especially capable of absorbing the sweat while you wear it for longer hours especially outside and in any weather. The absorbent fabric coated foam let the device adjust comfortably against the forehead, eyes, and blocks the outside light without any compromise while users are immersed in the VR world. The head strap receives truly Samsung revamping to make it more comfortable to wear for extended periods.
Main Features:
    It offers a complete wireless connectivity and entertainment options
    It features great head tracking
    If features solid content library
    The display resolution goes crystal clear
    It features 96-degree to 101-degree field of view
    It features sensory features such as accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, proximity sensor
    It is equipped with the focal adjustment dial to ensure the best focus
    Colour - Blue/Black (SM-R323NBKAROM)
Diversity In Connectivity:
The Samsung Gear VR (2016) offers the connectivity both using a MicroUSB port as well as Type-C Data Cable port. This surely makes this device the Samsung Galaxy users the first choice especially when it comes to the Samsung high-end devices such as Samsung Note 7, and Samsung Galaxy S7. The general connectivity maintains the generic Samsung VR profile and once the phone is satisfyingly slotted into the unit the inspired interface will surely inspire your vision. The connectivity does not at all will create any issues and this VR also features a new external port, to which users be able to attach further accessories to the unit directly such as plug-in game controllers and possibly even cameras such as the Gear 360.
User-Friendliness Guaranteed:
Within Samsung VR (2016), the initial setup goes pretty straightforward. Users will need to attach the head straps yourself, and while docking the smartphone for the first time, the headset will give you an onscreen prompt to take the phone back out again and install the relevant software. Users can then install the Oculus app, which includes everything users need to get started with Gear VR. Surely, this application will make your Gear VR comfortably compatible with apps and games though they will have to be download separately.
Vibrant Visual Output:
While Samsung Gear VR (2016), combined with the top-end devices such as Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Note 5, and onwards, the output goes more than what users can expect when it comes to the display resolution. The resolution though split between two lenses features no breakage in the visuals and users will experience no crappy and compromising pixelation. The content visibility is crystal-clear and offers more than what the user's eye expect. The visual display experiences no buggies, crashing or any unresponsiveness. It was very easy to use, regardless of who was using it.
Physical Features:
    Focus Adjustment Wheel - Yes
    Phone connection - Yes
    USB Type-C & Mico USB - Yes
    Device holder - Yes
    Field of view - 101 Degree
    Home Key - Yes
    Back Key - Yes
    Volume Keys - Yes
    Strap Holder - Yes
    Touchpad - Yes
    External USB port - USB OTG cable - Yes
    Dimensions - 207.8 x 122.5 x 98.6 mm
    Weight - 345g/312g without front cover
Sensory Features:
Device holder Features:
    A - Galaxy Note7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge+
    B - Galaxy S7, S6, S6 edge
Connectivity Features:
    USB Type-C
Compatible With:
    Samsung Galaxy Note 7
    Samsung Galaxy Note 5
    Samsung Galaxy S7
    Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
    Samsung Galaxy S6 
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
    Samsung Galaxy Edge Plus

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